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Linking your PC and mobile device boosts productivity

Can you imagine your life before you had a computer for productivity or a cell phone for mobile communication? Now Glide brings the two together offering unprecedented productivity on your cell phone and anytime, anywhere access to all of your digital stuff.

You can login to your Glide account from virtually any mobile device or PC. Glide greatly expands and links the capabilities of your PC and mobile device with media entertainment and productivity applications to manage your music, video, photos, documents, calendars, contacts and bookmarks. You can interact with your friends and family using Glide's sharing, email and publishing applications. Glide is a powerful upgrade to your current hardware, software and service plans so you don't have to buy a new phone or change your data plan.

Glide serves as your digital companion that travels with you even when you change phones, service providers or PCs. Glide provides one unified file and information management system for all of your devices.

* Compose a document on your mobile device, save it and then access and edit it later on your PC without the need to email it from your phone.

* Edit photos with 75 photo manipulation tools and order prints all on your mobile device or PC.

* Send large files in 5k emails with no attachment limits and without filling up the recipient's inbox.

Glide moves us beyond the rhetoric to the reality of anytime, anywhere access and is available today. Big tech companies are currently defining anytime, anywhere access as transferring your files (ex. photos, music) to a cell phone or mp3 player via firewire, USB 2.0 or local wireless network from your PC or Mac.

Their approach requires that you be in a specific location at a specific time to get the files you need or always anticipate what files you will need access to at a future date. Once loaded, there is little you can do with your files other than view or playback. Storage is limited by the size of the device's hard drive with virtually no options for storage upgrade. Glide bypasses these limitations, and provides you with the ability to access, edit and share all of your digital stuff from your cell phone through Glide's hosted web services.

Glide achieves the ideal of anytime, anywhere access by making it possible to synchronize all of your files on your local desktop to and from Glide's hosted web services. Glide's compatibility engine then serves up your files in the proper format and bit rate for access on various devices.

Finally, Glide provides mobile applications that enable users to create while on the go. Glide stands alone in this approach. The big tech companies are focused on selling hardware including PCs and smartphones or maintaining market share for traditional local operating systems and productivity and entertainment applications. Their online services are designed to keep users tethered and dependent on these devices and local OS and application suites.

"With true anytime, anywhere access and secure media sharing, Glide provides an exciting new mobile platform for social and business networking," said TransMedia Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka. "We are entering a new era of desktop freedom for individuals and all sorts of interest based communities. You can call it the balkanization of the desktop or the end of desktop hegemony. It is exciting to liberate the power of technology from corporate business agendas and put it into the hands of individuals and communities."

Désiré has been musing and writing about technology during a career spanning four decades. He dabbled in website building and web hosting when DHTML and frames were en vogue and started writing about the impact of technology on society just before the start of the Y2K hysteria at the turn of the last millennium. Following an eight-year stint at where he discovered the joys of global tech-fests, Désiré now heads up TechRadar Pro. Previously he was a freelance technology journalist at Incisive Media, Breakthrough Publishing and Vnunet, and Business Magazine. He also launched and hosted the first Tech Radio Show on Radio Plus.