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Ohio girls hack school Web site for a day off

A couple of High School students in Edgewood, Ohio, are facing criminal charges and possible expulsion from school over their alleged hacking of the school Web site to schedule an unauthorised snow day.

Myself, I think the girls should get triple As for ingenuity.

According to the Butler County sheriff's office, as 16-year-old has been charged with unauthorised use of a computer and tampering with records, whilst a 17-year-old senior has been charged with complicity to unauthorised use of a computer and complicity to tampering with records.

The pair were pulled out of class last Thursday and interviewed by the pi.., sorry, sheriff's investigators. The girls were then suspended from school for 10 days are skedded to appear in court next month.

The scheme was only discovered when the school's superintendent logged into the school Web site to schedule a one-hour delay for Monday morning. He reportedly found that school for the day had already been cancelled.

The girls were then tracked down by the Web site company, which looked at the IP addresses of all logins. Shame they didn't use an anonymiser service -Ed.

A school spokesperson, meanwhile, said the whole affair had been embarrassing, as it appeared that the administration had closed the school, then opened it, then closed it again.

"It looked like we couldn't make up our minds but we couldn't say anything because we knew the investigation was going on," the spokesperson said...