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Grisoft AVG receives first Virus Bulletin Vista certification

I nearly fell off my chair last night when I read that AVG AntiVirus 7.5 has been certified by Virus Bulletin for use on Windows Vista.

This is the first certification that the IT security publication has issued and, says Virus Bulletin, the software has also received approval from ISCA Labs.

According to Larry Bridwell, VeePee of Grisoft's Global Security Strategies, said that his company has worked closely with Microsoft in developing AVG for beta versions of Vista,

"We can now with full confidence say that users of our security products are prepared to face a broad range of Internet threats even when upgrading to Windows Vista," he said.

I've always been impressed with AVG and recommend it to my pals as an anti-virus application, even though the product is free and some users poo-poo the software because of that.

The Virus Bulletin certification is the proof of the pudding, as they say. Hats off to Grisoft!...