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Gold'en Rant : Vista - a bloody compatibility nightmare

`Hi,' said my mobile-toting pal. `I'm having some trouble sync-ing up my Orange SPV600 mobile phone to my new laptop. Can you help...'

The SPV series from Orange is manufactured by HTC and also sold under the T-Mobile brand name. The SPV600 was - and still is - a fantastic bit of kit for mobile music and video as it's sub-99 grams and very portable.

But it's not Vista compatible. Neither are my Motorola V3 and K-Razr handsets it seems. In fact, there aren't many mobiles that can be interfaced via USB cable with a PC running Vista.

It's also worth noting that even Microsoft ActiveSync hasn't yet been updated to run under the new operating system.

Microsoft's tech database says:

`Note: Microsoft ActiveSync works only with Windows XP or earlier. If you have Windows Vista, your synchronization settings will be managed through the Windows Mobile Device Center.'

The Windows MDC supports only very basic functions for a handful of mobile devices. What about mobile phones? Pass the happy pills...

Hang on a minute - where is Microsoft's list of compatible and incompatible applications for Vista (including of course security apps) ?

You know, like the one it developed for Windows XP for several months before the operating system hit the streets? It's not there yet...

Microsoft Vista - just say NO...