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Another Mobile TV Solution for Cellular Phones

NEC Electronics Corporation and Telegent Systems announced that the companies have shown a Mobile TV over-the-air technology demonstration at 3GSM in Barcelona.

NEC Electronics' application processor and Telegent Systems' TV-on-a-Chip together enable simultaneous, high definition multimedia capabilities that today's mobile power users require -- all with extremely low power consumption. The demonstration will show superior video reception, high-performance video processing, and low power consumption (maximizes battery life) on the cellular phone platform, making Mobile TV a reality today.

"We are very pleased to be working with Telegent Systems, a leader in mobile TV solutions," stated Masakazu Yamashina, general manager, Mobile Systems Division, NEC Electronics Corporation. "This solution will help mobile phone manufacturers more easily develop handsets with Mobile TV capabilities."

"NEC Electronics' adoption of Telegent Systems' Mobile TV solution demonstrates the benefits of free-to-air Mobile TV in top-tier handset providers," said Weijie Yun, president and CEO, Telegent Systems, Inc. "We look forward to working with them on future generations of products."

Telegent Systems' solutions are based on the company's SureTrak(TM) technology, which integrates all major Mobile TV receiver functionalities, from antenna input to digital video output. The SureTrak technology vastly reduces the power consumption, and allows up to 4.5 hours of viewing time on cell phones. Through its Multipath and Doppler compensation algorithm, SureTrak preserves the video quality in a mobile environment, and has been proven to be robust at speeds in excess of 430km per hour (265 miles per hour), while maintaining audio fidelity.

Reference design kits based on NEC Electronics' application processor are available now. NEC Electronics is also developing new reference designs based on the company's Medity(TM) solution for 3G handsets. Telegent Systems' TLG1100 is in production now.

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