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Have you backed up your Web site?

Research commissioned by NetBenefit, the Internet hosting service provider, claims to show that one in three mid-sized companies do not have a disaster recovery plan in place for their Web site.

And, says the company, with 73 per cent of mid-sized firms doing business thorough their Web site, this represents a serious threat to online business continuity.

Astonishingly, says NetBenefit, of the 67 per cent of companies that do have plans in place to guard against threats such as viruses, Denial of Service attacks or unpredicted spikes in traffic, only 38 per cent test their plans more than once a year.

The research, which took in responses from around 100 IT directors, also found that many mid-sized companies are underestimating the effect of downtime with 64 per cent of respondents anticipating no damage or only 'slight' damage to their business if their Web site were to go down for a whole day.

Jonathan Robinson, NetBenefit's chief operating officer, said that his firm were very surprised by the lack of disaster recovery planning taking place.

"Nearly every day we hear about viruses, hacking and other web attacks, let alone natural disasters such as fires or floods. Yet, while many companies go to great lengths to protect their physical assets with burglar alarms and other security devices, they do little or nothing to protect their vital, online business," he explained.

According to Robinson, research shows that more than one in four customers are likely to move to a competitor if a Web site is down for any reason.

"For many mid-sized companies this would not only damage customer loyalty, but also mean significant lost revenue," he said...