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Secure Spending Trends : IDC

Although not a top business priority, IT professionals in the SMB community are predicting strong growth in IT security spending over the next 12 months with more than 90 percent stating that they will spend more on IT security during 2007. This increase is likely to be 20 percent more than 2006 figures. The same IT professionals state that their total IT spend will increase by almost 30 percent next year which leads IDC to question if IT security is being taken seriously enough as part of the IT mix.

Other Regional Statistics:

* Increasing profit is the first priority for SMBs in all countries although the positioning for improving IT security is ever changing. In the United Kingdom it is fifth, Germany ranks it fourth, Australia is seventh and the United Stated is second.

* In all countries aside from the United Kingdom, the larger SMBs (130-250 employees) rate improving IT security as more important than their smaller counterparts (80-120 employees).

* Sixty-two percent of respondents strongly agreed that they use email and the web to conduct its business, with the highest being in Australia (68 percent).

* Currently, less than a third of all respondents outsource all or part of their IT infrastructure or operations to a third party IT services company. Australia leads the way in the managed services approach with 39 percent of respondents stating that they outsource all or part of their IT infrastructure or operations, closely followed by the United Kingdom with 35 percent. The United States is the lowest with 23 percent although 78 percent of those respondents claim to outsource all.

* Eighteen percent of respondents admitted that that they had had an IT security breach in their company. Australia was the lowest with 16 percent and the highest was in Germany with 21 percent.

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