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Internet pr0n at work is a major problem

Interesting to read in the Canadian press this week that Internet prOn is now a major problem in the workplace.

The news comes after a Quebec-based company fired a director after an investigation found he spent about six hours a day, every day, downloading prOn.

Investigators in the case are quoted as saying that one in three office PCs contains porn of one sort or another, and that 70 per cent of porn in the US is downloaded during office hours.

In addition, some experts are suggesting that there are more than four million prOn Web sites, or about 12 per cent of the Net. One in 10 emails, meanwhile, are prOn-related.

Even more incredibly (you must lead a sheltered life -Ed) researchers have found that 30 per cent of people with prOn on their PCs are women.

One US study, meanwhile, estimates that non-business surfing at work in the US costs firms around $250 billion a year. And surfing for prOn represents a big chunk of that dosh.

I must be getting old. Whatever happened to the mags on the top shelf of the newsagents?

You ARE getting old -Ed...