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Half of Top Enterprise Open Source Projects Don't Offer Enterprise Grade Support

OpenLogic, Inc., a leading provider of software, stacks and support that enable enterprises to easily deploy and manage customized open source environments, today announced the results of a comprehensive study of open source usage in the enterprise.

More than 800 IT professionals and OpenLogic Enterprise users participated in the study, identifying top challenges of using open source software; trends for open source policy development and a list of the leading enterprise open source projects.

The research was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2006. There were over 800 respondents classified as IT or business professionals. Top Open Source Challenges OpenLogic's research asked various organizations already using open source software about the biggest challenges they see in implementing open source software.

The top 5 challenges were, in order:

- Choosing the best open source products

- Finding enterprise grade open source support

- Getting open source components to work together

- Ensuring open source software comes from a trusted source

- Managing updates of new versions of open source products

Managing Open Source - How Organizations View Policies

OpenLogic also asked organizations already using open source software whether they have developed or plan to develop open source policies. The results showed that organizations increasingly identify and recognize the need to build policies to manage the growth of open source applications.

Key findings:

- 58% of all respondents have an open source policy, are currently developing one or have a plan to create one.

- 83% of organizations using more than 25 projects have an open source policy, are currently developing one or have a plan to create one.

Open Source Packages Used in the Enterprise

In separate research, analysis of OpenLogic's enterprise customers discovered that, on average, OpenLogic customers use 75 different open source packages. The research also found that the top open source packages that are most used by OpenLogic customers, include:










Apache Web Server



Jakarta Commons
















Commercial Open Source Support Options

Another finding was that commercial-grade open source support can be difficult to find beyond the top handful of open source packages. OpenLogic offers support for all of the top packages identified. Less than half of the top packages had any other commercial-grade support option available.

"We know that most technical people understand the many benefits of using open source software," said Steven Grandchamp, CEO of OpenLogic, "but our research shows that there are lingering business concerns, including commercial-grade support, that have enterprises looking for a solution. That's why OpenLogic is in the business of addressing those technical and business concerns for large enterprises."

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