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MobiclipTM video codec: Mobile, Internet and TV convergence made easy

Actimagine, the first company to create a video codec specifically designed and optimized for mobile devices, unveils major announcements and demonstrations of its patented Mobiclip™ technology which allows DVD-like quality – 24fps full screen – for all kinds of video without compromising battery-life* (7.5 hour movie playback on last Nokia mobile phones)

Actimagine will demonstrate how to playback video content from a mobile phone to a wide TV screen with unprecedented quality. Nokia N93 feeds a TV screen with video contents in full 24-fps quality. As well on its booth, the mobile codec specialist is to demonstrate blockbusters and music clips in DVD quality with low battery consumption* on more than 30 mobile devices including Nokia 6680, 6630, N90, N73, N93, Sony Ericsson M600i, Palm Treo 650 and 700 and HTC C310.

News and exclusive demos …Visitor’s to the company’s private room can see an exclusive preview of its http protocol based streaming solution to support Video On Demand, TV streaming and Broadcast applications on mobile phones with its Mobiclip quality standard.

In addition, Actimagine is showcasing a beta-version of its server-based massive encoding solution to allow content providers, operators, web portals and sharing sites to make all kind of video content (premium, user generated and advertising) available in Mobiclip format for all kind of mobile devices.

Introducing the next step of its strategy, the company has achieved an eight-fold improvement in decompression rate with no increase on CPU requirements.

“Through download, through streaming, from your mobile phone to your TV screen, Actimagine provides solutions that allow consumers to enjoy high quality video everywhere”, says CEO of Actimagine André Pagnac. “For the market to reach its tipping point, industry players must ensure they select the right technologies to make the experience for users as positive as it was always intended to be. Offering DVD-like quality while preserving battery lifetime is one of the most critical challenge best addressed with Mobiclip.”

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