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Next Gen Online Multimedia Collaboration Solution unveiled

Genesys Conferencing has introduced the fourth generation of its flagship service, Genesys Meeting Center, an integrated web, voice, and video collaboration solution. Incorporating a completely new Ajax-based technology, Genesys Meeting Center allows for trouble-free enterprise-wide deployment of a feature-rich, easy-to-use multimedia collaboration solution, including desktop VoIP, new customisation tools and deeper enterprise integration.

"Global businesses must operate inside an increasingly intricate and fast-changing web of relationships that span multiple countries, time zones and cultures," says Dominic Dodd, senior industry analyst with global growth consultancy, Frost & Sullivan.

"In response, Genesys Meeting Center provides a powerful multimedia collaboration solution which enables people at all levels within an organisation, anywhere in the world, to hold highly effective and interactive meetings. In particular, the latest edition of Genesys Meeting Center has been designed to address issues of ease of use and ease of deployment, thereby accelerating implementation across a large, multi-location organisation and achieving quicker understanding and take-up by users throughout the business."

The use of standards-based Ajax technology enables unrivalled ease of deployment as well as the ability to build further on the new platform, providing end-users with a valuable future-proofed solution. "The new Genesys Meeting Center platform has been designed to remove the traditional issues preventing the adoption of collaborative solutions," adds Francois Legros, chairman and CEO of Genesys Conferencing.

"With no plug-ins, Java VM or downloads required for participants, Global 1000 IT management professionals can now deploy a robust, secure and comprehensive multimedia collaboration solution in no time."

Key features and benefits of the new Genesys Meeting Center include:

* Ease of deployment and administration

Firewall friendly and bandwidth efficient, Genesys Meeting Center has been designed to allow centralised deployment at an enterprise, without plug-ins or Java, and with no downloads required for participants.

* Deep integration with enterprise applications

Users have direct access to conferencing collaboration services via everyday desktop tools, including Outlook and Lotus Notes calendar for scheduling meetings, Exchange and Lotus Notes address books for selecting invitees and Instant Messenger for real-time invitations.

* Ease of access, simplicity of use

One-click desktop access enables full multimedia experience. A new, customisable meeting interface allows users to toggle between a simplified interface or one that includes a more advanced feature set.

Furthermore, with the latter option, users can tailor the configuration meeting interface to their precise needs. The intuitive user interface and workflow is also designed to eliminate the need for training on all the solution's comprehensive, in-depth capabilities. 'Click to join', no-dial functionality makes it equally easy for participants to use.

* Ubiquitous voice and Web access

Users can join the audio portion of a meeting via any combination of Desktop VoIP, PSTN or streaming media. In addition, interoperability of browser-based access and operating system means participants are not required to install any software or plug-ins.

* Tailored solution

Genesys Meeting Center can be fully customised to support specific customers' requirements. Enterprise customisation capabilities include full tailoring of the UI including branding, feature activation/de-activation and integration capabilities.

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