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TJ Maxx card hack more serious than first thought

It seems that the hack of TJX Group's computer system reported last month was more serious than the company first thought.

Investigations by IBM and General Dynamics into the company's systems - which covers store chains TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods, have revealed that the intrusion period was greater than the May 2006 to January 2007 originally reported.

It now seems that the hackers gained access to the TJX systems between July 2005 right through until this January of this year!

It also seems that the company has woken up to the possibility that cardholder details from its stores in the UK and Ireland are more at risk than first thought.

Which is interesting, as reports from the US suggest that several card issuers have been automatically issuing new cards to those users who have shopped at TJX stores in the last couple of years.

No such actions have been taken by UK and Irish card issuers - at least none that the card issuers have made public anyway.

Yours truly shopped for a few t-shirts at TJ Maxx (saddo! -Ed)in the summer of last year, paying by card and I can confirm that my card issuer - Northern Rock - hasn't seen fit to replace the card.

I suspect that this story is going to run and run, so watch out for the UK and Ireland card issuers to start issuing new cards en-masse to cardholders that have shopped at TJ Maxx stores.

I also suspect that the company will be hit by a class action lawsuit - as well as regulatory action - over the fiasco that now appears to be unfolding. Watch this space...