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WysDM gets top marks from Analyst

WysDM Software, which deals in advanced data protection management (DPM) solutions, announced that its WysDM for Fileservers product adds distinct value to network-attached storage (NAS) environments, according to a product evaluation published today by the industry analyst firm Taneja Group.

After conducting an in-depth assessment of WysDM for Fileservers, the Taneja Group concluded that the WysDM software can have a dramatic impact on how IT teams gather information about the current and future performance and status of their NAS environments, which leads to improved decision-making. The full Taneja Group report may be viewed here (opens in new tab).

"The biggest value proposition we see in WysDM for Fileservers is its ability to maintain higher levels of management efficiency and environment uptime," said Brad O'Neill, senior analyst and consultant, Taneja Group. "When a NAS team has all the information it needs about what is happening right now, provided to them in a single management console, it cannot help but create a faster reaction time, improve the health of the environment and make better decision-making. This also has a significant positive impact on long-term capacity planning."

A key part of many storage environments, fileservers are a critical part of today's enterprise infrastructure; however, while their functionality has increased substantially, visibility into the fileserver's functionality has not increased. WysDM for Fileservers provides the visibility required to understand even the largest and most complex fileserving environments. Utilizing the WysDM adaptive architecture, WysDM for Fileservers provides comprehensive reporting and analysis on all aspects of fileserver operations, including hardware configuration, virtualization, snapshot management, and performance.

The Taneja Group report outlines several benefits to deploying WysDM for Fileservers, including the ability to:

*Ensure consistent levels of performance and resource utilization across the entire NAS environment

*Provide change control across all aspects of NAS configuration

*Enable simplified provisioning and capacity planning in multi-fileserver environments

*Provide customized real-time views into enterprise-wide NAS conditions

*Dramatically reduce the amount of time administrators spend troubleshooting

*Demonstrate and confirm service-level agreement based management

*Facilitate charge-back or service utility models

*Reduce manual capacity planning requirements

According to the Taneja Group assessment, although many reporting tools are available in the NAS world today, none of the others integrate key differentiated elements like WysDM's. The report highlights three distinguishing features of WysDM for Fileservers:

*Cross-domain insights from servers, applications, networks, and storage

*Predictive analytical capabilities that automate data gathering and insights into the health and state of the environment

*Completely customizable view and controls

The report also commends WysDM for using the same software engine to tackle two distinct challenges -- data protection and file server management -- representing significant efficiency. Similar to what WysDM accomplished in data protection with its WysDM for Backups(TM) software, the WysDM for Fileservers software can provide users with real-time cross-domain information about the status and performance of environments surrounding heterogeneous fileserver environments. "This demonstrates that broader cross-domain analytical software is ready for 'enterprise prime time' and is evolving into a mature category," said O'Neill. "The momentum is here to stay, and we believe this is a key trend that spells death for historical approaches to backup management reporting."

"As fileservers increasingly become a critical part of data protection strategies, companies are concerned with their ability to gather useful, real-time information and gain greater visibility and control across their NAS environments," said Alan Atkinson, CEO, WysDM Software. "The Taneja Group assessment is further validation that WysDM for Fileservers addresses this challenge head-on -- enabling organizations to ensure reliable levels of performance, resource utilization, and simplified capacity planning."

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