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Incipient Secures 5th Storage Virtualization Patent

Incipient, Inc., a provider of network-based storage virtualization software for Storage Area Network (SAN) environments, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved and issued a fifth patent to the company for its technology innovations. U.S. Patent 7,173,929, titled "Fast-path for performing data operations," was issued on February 6, 2007.

The newly awarded patent covers split-path architecture for performing block level storage virtualization for scalable and highly-available switching fabrics which is a core technology within Incipient's flagship product, Incipient Network Storage Platform (iNSP(TM).

Since October 2005, Incipient has secured five patents, each covering key storage virtualization technologies offered through iNSP. Incipient's current portfolio of patents includes:

- I/O Primitives, U.S. Patent 7,013,379, March 14, 2006

- Fast Path Caching, U.S. Patent 6,986,015, January 10, 2006

- Locking Technique for Control and Synchronization, U.S. Patent 6,973,549, Dec 6, 2005

- Dynamic and Variable Length Extents, U.S. Patent 6,959,373, October 25, 2005

"This patent is one of the most significant to date for Incipient. It reinforces our commitment to bring to market the industry's most innovative and technologically advanced storage virtualization solution," said Richard Testardi, Incipient's director of virtualization architecture. "With protected technologies, Incipient will continue to grow its position as the leading network-based storage virtualization solution provider."

About iNSP Software Suite

The Incipient NSP software suite is the industry's first fully embedded switch-resident storage virtualization solution with enterprise-class scalability. For the first time, storage administrators can build SAN storage tiers with zero planned downtime. iNSP software abstracts the SAN data path, eliminating application downtime normally associated with data migrations and device reconfigurations. iNSP also simplifies SAN management with a universal management interface, a policy-based automated provisioning engine, and support of heterogeneous storage arrays.

iNSP supports the Cisco MDS 9000 Series of FC director switches with the 32-Port Storage Services Module (SSM). Incipient has certified iNSP's interoperability with arrays from leading storage vendors that include EMC, HDS, HP and IBM. iNSP is now available through Incipient and its business partners.

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