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Liferay-CIGNEX Form Open Source Services Partnership

Liferay, a provider of the enterprise-class, open source portal and content management system announced a new partnership with CIGNEX Technologies, a top ten open source consulting firm in the U.S. specializing in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. CIGNEX's formalized services offering around Liferay Portal for its corporate customers underscores a growing demand for Liferay in the enterprise environment.

"Commercial open source has entered a new stage of maturity," said Bryan Cheung, chief executive officer of Liferay. "Open source has been a disruptive force in the ECM and portal marketplaces, with open source alternatives providing technological innovation, an improved development model, and greater control to users at a fraction of the cost of ownership for proprietary software. CIGNEX's success proves the enterprise market is ready to invest in open source, and we welcome the experience CIGNEX brings to this partnership."

For CIGNEX, Liferay is the only open source portal able to address the needs of its enterprise clients. "Liferay's offering of business-class product support behind the product is a standout differentiator in the open source space," said Navin Nagiah, chief executive officer of CIGNEX Technologies, who also cited Liferay's technical fit to the enterprise market.

"After evaluating other products, it was clear to us that Liferay Portal's agility and richness of feature set was the best match for our clients' needs. We see a lot of potential in the technology--not just for ECM, but also for extensions into Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and other major enterprise applications." The partnership is also a natural progression following Liferay Portal 4.2's delivery of out of the box integration with Alfresco. Along with Alfresco, Liferay Portal is one of two software products that CIGNEX has committed to strategically major in.

CIGNEX provides complete open source solutions for Web content management, collaboration, document management, records management, portals, and content intelligence. It uses a limited and highly select set of best-of-breed enterprise products for its projects deployed in a wide range of industries; among its more notable clients are Cisco, Eli Lilly, Epson, HP, Hyperion, UNC Healthcare, and the University of California.

With today's announcement, CIGNEX becomes the first U.S.-based member of Liferay's Preferred Partner program. In addition to sharing business activities, the two companies will work together to provide thought leadership and innovation to the open source ECM/portal software community. CIGNEX associates will be fully and regularly trained in Liferay Portal technology, while CIGNEX will serve as a reseller of Liferay's enterprise support services.

Liferay and CIGNEX are already collaborating on several corporate projects. For more about Liferay Portal, visit Additional information about CIGNEX can be found at

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