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Say hello to (the legit) BitTorrent

Interesting to see that the guys behind the BitTorrent file-sharing networks opening the BitTorrent Entertainment Network (BEN) portal yesterday.

The idea behind the portal is to tap into the power of the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol and give Netters access to a wide range of movies, music and videos in return for a few pence/quid per download.

As at launch, BitTorrent will have around 3,000 movies and TV shows available. Movies can be kept for 30 days, whilst the TV shows can be stored on the user's computer for as long as punters like.

Hmmm - the prices of the movies appear to be on a par with yer average video rental store, but it's a big IF as to whether BitTorrent users will be prepared to pay to fileshare movies and TV shows.

Myself I think the BT portal is an excellent idea, but it will fail - partly because there's so much illegal content being downloaded on the Net and partly because most ISPs are now port-throttling BT downloads.

From what I can understand, it's almost impossible for an ISP to differentiate between legal and illegal BT filesharing. And in any case, unfettered BT usage isn't just illegal, it's a bandwidth hog for the ISP supporting the file transfers.

If asked to choose between downloading at a steady 150,000 bps from a one-to-one download site such as Channel 4 Downloads, and a throttled 30,000 bps BT download/transfer, I know which I'd prefer...