Broadband satisfaction levels falling

I know it's on the edge of IT security coverage, but I should point readers at an insightful news report over on the Thinbroadband portal about broadband speeds rising, but satisfaction levels falling.

What's really interesting about the piece is that ISPs appear to be avoiding shelling out large amounts of dosh for their wholesale connections, as they wait for BT's long-awaited 21CN service to launch nationally in a 2008/2009 timeframe.

Instead of waiting for the Wholesale Broadband Connect (wBBC) option in 2008, many ISPs are going for a 24-month deal on the existing BT Central wholesale service.

The crucial point - made by Thinkbroadband is that "most providers would fail to deliver streamed video if around 1.5 per cent of customers tried to view content like this at the same time..."

This suggests that most Netters in the UK will have to put up with slightly deteriorating broadband service until 2009, even though their theoretical download speed rises steadily towards 4/5 Mbps.

This is one of the reasons why I'm staying with relatively low-speed SDSL here in the office and 2 Mbps BT Wholesale ADSL at home. It's all very well having ADSL2+ with speeds of up to 5 or 6 Mbps, but not much good if your ISP s traffic managing you at peak times down to 500 kbps.

In a related story, I see MD Lee Strafford of has been given his marching orders from the newly-acquired BT Group ISP. Read all about his barefoot bellowing at employees antics here...