Second Life nixed by Sophos' IT security software

Sophos, the IT security vendor, has taken the unusual step of programming an update to its IT security software that blocks corporate access to the Second Life Internet game.

The reason, says Sophos, is that Second Life reduces worker productivity and cause IT security risks in real life.

From March 22nd, Sophos says that its AV software will give companies the option of blocking Second Life on their networks.

According to Sophos, the new facility is being introduced at the request of IT managers, 90.4 per cent of whom requested the facility when polled earlier this year.

Carole Theriault, Sophos' senior security consultant (what happened to Graham? -Ed), said that if users cannot be trusted to act responsibly on corporate computers, then system administrators will need to enforce policies through technology.

"For businesses operating in the real world, users playing online games can seriously impact on performance, drain network resources and put corporate data at risk," she said.

I wonder if there's an option within Sophos AV to stop more than one employee going to the loo at the same time? I mean, that's a productivity option too...