Network Strategy

Depending on the cost and the requirements of a network in an enterprise, there are two types of network. A Client/Server Network, and a Peer to Peer Network.

A Client/Server network is used to connect to other servers like file server, database and also act as a host for common and shared data. This type of network is expensive and needs an administrator to monitor the network. The main advantage of this kind of network is the centralization, and with centralized access over security, access to important files, and backing up operations, this is more suited to companies with a large employee base that have shared data.

The other kind of network is the Peer to Peer Network which lets workstations to connect with each other. Workstations serving different functions can connect to each other and users from another workstation can share file and print function and other such services. The disadvantage with this kind of network is the lack of security and centralization where users manage their own files and system. This type is inexpensive solution to small businesses with not many users.