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Big Internet fax service provider launches in the UK

MyFax, one of the largest international Internet fax service providers, launched in the United Kingdom. MyFax is an Internet fax service that allows business and consumers alike to send and receive faxes using existing email accounts or the web. It also enables users to manage their fax communication and corresponding document management workflow more efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional fax servers or fax machines, regardless of physical location.

Despite the perception that we live in a paperless world, the use of fax to conduct business continues to grow. With industries such as the financial, insurance, healthcare, real estate, and government sectors sending and receiving thousands of faxes each month the overall fax market is now estimated to be worth in the region of £45 billion.

With no hardware or software to install, switching to MyFax reduces both capital and P&L expenditure - saving 85% on upfront costs and 34% on ongoing monthly costs compared to a conventional fax server.

Jason Dainter, managing director of Big Brain Limited commented, “Using MyFax has provided my business with greater efficiencies, leading to increased productivity whilst reducing fixed costs such as the antiquated ‘fax machine’. Sending agreements and contracts to the other side of the world took days, days that would cost money on forfeited potential earnings. Now I turn them around instantly with MyFax and earn from day one.”

MyFax empowers users to send, receive, store or forward faxes securely without fax machines, dedicated fax / phone lines, long distance phone charges or fax modems. Subscribers can access their fax communications from anywhere, at any time, the same way they access their e-mail. Packages are tailored to the size of the organisation whether it’s a multi-national or a one-man band.

Traditional fax machines often pose privacy and security threats as documents sit idle on shared fax machines. With MyFax, incoming faxes are sent directly to the intended recipient, ensuring confidentiality and helping organisations comply with privacy regulations.

Furthermore, today there is increased corporate and personal responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint. The MyFax service reduces the paper used by limiting printing to only those documents that must be handled in hard rather than soft copy format. MyFax has limitless online storage capabilities and an easy to navigate and simple web interface designed to enhance the customer experience, provide added functionality and improve productivity.

Joseph Nour, CEO of Protus IP Solutions commented, “Demand for our services continues to increase around the world. MyFax meets business needs in ways that aren’t possible with traditional fax services with the reliability and comfort of knowing you’re using one of the best-known brands in the business. We are pleased by our early successes in the International market, and are excited to officially launch MyFax services into the UK.”

The features and benefits for MyFax users include:

· Cost savings – no capital outlay and lower running costs than a fax server

. Easy to use - works as quickly and easily as regular email

· No software or hardware to install, no second line, and no paper jams

. Scalability – MyFax scales from home office workers to small, medium and large businesses

· Online account management tools – Add users, modify accounts and customize settings and options

· Online storage – Store faxes online. There is no limit to the quantity of faxes that can be stored. Faxes can be stored for up to 31 days or on your hard drive for an unlimited period

· Convenience – MyFax includes an image of the first page of the fax in the email body

· Image Quality – Both send and receive faxes are exact replicas of the fax

· Security and Privacy – Password protection on a secure website and integration into your private email account also enhance security

· Browser Support – MyFax supports multiple browsers including FireFox

· System Compatibility – Users can use MyFax with the features and services offered as part of Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, ACT! and IBM Lotus Notes.

· File Formats – MyFax supports 48 different file formats, including Microsoft® Office, PDF and other common formats. MyFax offers a free download for Outlook users that provides a toolbar button for sending faxes.

MyFax is available for only £7.50 per month or £82.50 per year. This price includes 100 outbound pages and 200 inbound pages per month. Volume pricing is also available.

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