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Online IT Procurement portal makes strides

After releasing strong annual results a month ago, Probrand has recorded a £2.5M turnover month thanks to its online IT procurement portal The solution continues to grow at a rate of 144% year-on-year. The company is now spearheading a recruitment drive for small vendors and distributors who wish to compete on a level playing field with the biggest brands and distributors in the industry.

The move will see smaller suppliers and distributors given the opportunity to grow their market share by providing product, price and availability feeds to and the company’s public sector price specific

The solution daily populates a website showing over 100,000 branded product lines from 1200 suppliers by best price and availability. For IT buyers this means they can see the best priced product available in the shortest possible time. As a result it saves them time and money when buying IT.

Probrand is hailing as a reseller solution that gives suppliers and distributors an innovative route to market, vendors crucial market intelligence and end users the best deals on a daily basis.

And the solution delivers considerable growth says, Chris Dyke, Senior Accounts Director for Allied Telesis: “Probrand has opened up considerable growth opportunities for us and we expect our figures to quadruple within the first quarter. Probrand’s Vendor Growth program uniquely focuses on partnership work and proactive training to ultimately educate end purchasers for better sales.”

As the solution continues to grow in terms of its product offering, so more end users are attracted to accessing Europe’s largest online portal for purchasing branded products at the very best price.

Steve Allan, Headmaster of Woodway Park, a school that uses said:”This truly is a best practice purchasing tool that has demonstrated that great deals do exist outside of Dell.”

This level of customer confidence combined with the solution’s approval to supply ICT to’ Catalist framework, points to the opportunities available to entrepreneurial suppliers looking to grow their market share.

Probrand Group Head of New Business, Stephen Bushell, explains: “We are offering forward thinking vendors and distributors, that sometimes struggle to compete with the biggest businesses in the private and public sectors, the chance to strengthen their market share and enjoy a piece of the forecast £30M target.

“This is great news for the channel as it is supporting and empowering SME providers with a direct opportunity to compete for new business. It will also provide IT buyers with greater choice and competitive pricing within one desktop procurement application.

“As an innovative and progressive organization, we are inviting like minded vendors, suppliers and distributors to contact us if they wish to buck the flat market, as we have, well into the future.

“Our sales team has quadrupled in a year and we continue to outperform our competitors as our innovative business model continues to be refined, driving growth with its powerful scaleability.

Probrand recorded strong 2006 year end results with turnover up 25% year-on-year at £18.5M. Profits rose by 16%, marking the company’s fourth consecutive year of double figure growth.

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