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m-spatial Launches 'Converged Local Search'

m-spatial is to launch of its solution for Converged Local Search- a major new initiative designed to stimulate mass market consumer adoption of local search on mobile devices. Converged Local Search enables Mobile Network Operators, Directory Providers and Personal Navigation Providers to realise the huge potential of local search by seamlessly linking access to local information across web-sites, 118/411 directory services, mobile data services and personal navigation devices.

Converged Local Search benefits Personal Navigation Providers and 118/411 Providers by providing their 'on the move' consumer customers with access to the additional rich and dynamic local information delivered by m-spatial's market leading mobile local search capabilities as an extension to existing services. For example, users of a personal navigation system integrated with Converged Local Search can not only find their way to a nearby cinema, but can also find out what's on and book a ticket. This provides competitive advantage in an increasingly commoditised market, in addition to offering access to a new revenue stream.

Mobile Network Operators and Directory Providers benefit from significantly increased usage of their existing mobile local search services through the integration of high volume web-site interactions with local information via a 'send to mobile' mechanism. This allows users to investigate and identify businesses and amenities that may meet their needs on web-sites and then 'download' the identity of the business/amenity to their mobile phone for later access whilst 'on the move'.

"All major mobile studies highlight consumer interest in access to locally relevant content and services, but the industry has historically been poor at translating this demand into real usage and revenues," said Andy Walker, CEO of m-spatial. "We believe that by seamlessly linking access to local information via web-sites and 118/411 services with 'on the move' access via mobile phones and personal navigation devices, we can begin to make Converged Local Search part of consumers' everyday lives, a significant step in achieving mass market adoption. Couple this with the major attraction to local advertisers of reaching 'on the move' consumers who are close to their businesses and have an imminent intention to purchase, and Converged Local Search is set to provide a major new revenue stream"

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