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SMC debuts NAS Storage Servers

SMC Networks announced the first in its new line of products that leverage the company’s networking expertise to provide high-performance storage systems to the SMB and home markets: TigerStore SMB NAS Storage Servers.

Available now, SMC’s new network attached storage servers are the best new addition to any SMB network. Designed for versatility, performance, ease of use and true reliability, the new SMCNAS04 has four SATA drive slots to accommodate up to 3TB of storage, and the SMCNAS24 has four 250GB drives built-in for a full terabyte of storage right out of the box. Both are available through SMC’s network of resellers and VARs at suggested retail prices of $599.99 and $999.99, respectively.

SMC Networks’ new TigerStore SMB series NAS Storage Servers (SMCNAS04/SMCNAS24) are designed to provide a complete storage solution for SMB and home network environments. Their high-speed networked storage capabilities—with the industry’s fastest transfer rates of nearly 400Mbps—allow users across the network to access and share data files, music, pictures, and videos easily and without latency.

Each SMC NAS Storage Server can accommodate up to four SATA hard disks—the SMCNAS24 comes pre-loaded with four 250Gigabyte drives; the SMCNAS04’s disk slots are ready to be populated with the disks that work for each customers’ needs, for up to 3Terabytes of shared network storage.

“With this new product, SMC has established the new benchmark for NAS performance. Small businesses now can afford enterprise back-up performance and reliability with the TigerStore SMB NAS Storage Servers powered by LSI NAS SoC,” said Jasmin Tremblay, Director of Product Marketing for LSI NAS Solutions.

Easy to add to any network, management and security are a breeze to set-up and maintain via the Web-based user interface (UI). Supporting Standard RAID 0, 1, 4, and 5 for fault tolerance, with future options for JBOD and BIG, SMC Networks’ NAS Storage servers further ensure data integrity with the extra security that comes from UPS backup support and hard drive hot-swappability.

Four Gigabit Ethernet ports make it the most versatile NAS on the market, making it easy for users to quickly and easily deploy additional data services in the office; and three USB 2.0 connections make it easy to expand network storage, provide additional backup services, or connect to a USB-UPS to provide temporary backup power in the event of a power failure.

Other standard features of the TigerStore NAS Storage Servers include: FTP Server and USB Print Server features, disk space quota management, event logging, UPnP and DLNA support, media server capabilities, hardware health monitoring, and a full SMB backup software application that makes it simple and easy to implement a backup policy for small and medium businesses.

“Networking is all about accessibility,” said Tony Stramandinoli, SMC Networks’ Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. “Our expertise in networking leads naturally to NAS—and our NAS products provide the ultimate in accessibility on multiple levels: network-wide availability, fail-safe RAID storage, additional network connections via the built-in 4-port Gigabit switch, backup software, USB connectivity, support for UPS power backup and more. It’s a natural next step for SMC Networks.”

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