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Open Sound System v4.0 announced

4Front Technologies is announcing the availability of Open Sound System (OSS) version 4.0 for Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Open Server6 and UnixWare7. Open Sound System is a cross platform audio architecture that provides drivers for most consumer and professional audio devices and comes with an API that allows applications to be simply recompiled on any of the supported operating systems.

New Features:

- New and improved transparent Virtual Mixer engine

- Ability to mix stereo and multichannel audio streams up to 7.1/192Khz/32bit.

- Supports full 24 bit range without loss of precision during internal computations.

- mmap() support for games like DoomIII and Quake4.

- Each application has its own independant volume controls.

- Supports loop back recording.

Full Solaris Audio Device Architecture (SADA) emulation on Solaris so that legacy Solaris audio apps can run on Open Sound System drivers.

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) Library emulation support so that popular ALSA apps (the ones that use the ALSA library interface) can run on Open Sound System.

100% backwards compatibility for Open Sound System (OSS) v3 API.

64bit internal processing guarantees audio fidelity and precision if the audio data needs to be converted.

New device enumeration and mixer API makes it very easy to manage devices programatically.

Uses up to date native kernel interfaces and installation methods will enable OSS to keep up with changes to the operating systems for the forseeable future.

Updated drivers for all devices supported in the older OSS v3.9x versions. Support for obsolete ISA bus devices has been finally withdrawn from Open Sound System v4.0.

The virtual mixer in Open Sound v4.0 will give the user multiple Virtual full duplex multichannel audio streams. It is possible to

run a full duplex VOIP session, view a DVD in full 5.1 surround sound and play popular video game all at the same time without

any complicated device setup and configuration. Open Sound v4.0 brings unmatched device and system management capabilities that make it ideal and easy to setup in virtualized environments.

For more information and to download a free-for-personal-use copy of the software, visit 4Front's WWW site.

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