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"You Are What You Print"

Canon UK urged UK businesses to adopt a Gillian McKeith style diet plan and closely examine their true printing habits. Canon warns that the overuse of cartridge-based colour printers in the office is making UK businesses pile on the pounds in weight but lose pounds from their bottom line.

In a bid to turn UK businesses into leaner, fitter organisations, Canon has unveiled an online calculator (opens in new tab), which could help businesses save up to 70% on print costs. This easy-to-use calculator shows print decision-makers how much money they could be haemorrhaging by printing high colour documents on desktop inkjet and laser printers and illustrates the savings that can be made from a balanced deployment print strategy - i.e. using the right device for the right job through a mix of desktop and multifunctional printers.

David Smith commented, "Cartridge based printers are ideal in environments where space is at a premium or where users are printing low volumes and low coverage documents such as emails, word documents or invoices. However, if these devices are used for all printing needs, including colour intensive documents such as PDFs or PowerPoint presentations, costs soon mount up and this is what our calculator is designed to show."

Canon's calculator offers a step-by-step approach and allows the user to select the type and number of documents printed each month in the office, giving them a snapshot of print costs across their company - which, as research shows, can ultimately prove very costly ...

- A 10-page presentation costs £3.15 to print on a colour desktop laser printer

- Companies that use only desktop printers can stack up an unhealthy £2,700 annually per user - equivalent to four new laptops each year

- On average, a marketing department, that requires high volume colour printing, can rack up in excess of £100k per year on printing on a desktop printer alone

Smith continued: "With research from Gartner showing us that print can account for up to 3% of a company's annual turnover, the "cost of print" issue is something that businesses cannot afford to ignore. The key to cost effective colour printing, as in life, is everything in moderation. By developing a balanced deployment of printing devices an organisation could cut print costs by up to 70 per cent. If businesses just use cartridge-based printers, it is the equivalent of only eating fast food - it's convenient but not good for you. With multifunctional printers and print management software, businesses can control output and keep printing costs down. The first stage of any diet is to look at what you eat and it is the same principle with a print diet - taking a balanced approach and printing the right documents from the right devices is healthy and will help get your business back in shape."

Canon's educational programme is part of the company's Small Steps campaign, which launched last year and mirrors the process of getting fit in real life by focusing on four key steps - diet, exercise, coaching and results. The Small Steps website (opens in new tab) looks at cost savings but also solutions that help protect the environment through the use of solutions such as secure release printing, personal mailboxes and double-side printing.

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