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ISPA publishes new recommendations to beat spam

Interesting to read over the weekend that ISPA, the ISP Association, has published new recommendations for its members on how they should tackle the problem of spam.

ISPA reckons that, in order to combat spam effectively, the Internet industry itself needs to mobilise, rather than the government (cor blimey - what a revelation - Ed).

It claims that the self-regulatory measures set out in its latest recommendations - essentially a best practice guide for ISPs - should be effective when it comes to tackling spam.

The document is available here and comes up with some good recommendations, including preventing the ISP's servers from supporting open mail relay facilities, which, of course, are a spammer's paradise.

But it doesn't end with ISPs, as the Association is now advising punters to protect their PCs with firewalls, a move it says will help protect users' PCs from being turned into spambots.

In doing this, ISPA finally seems to have tumbled that spam costs ISPs real money in terms of bandwidth, as well as compromising the integrity of their networks.

And it doesn't just stop at spam - the Association plans on issuing best practice guides for ISPs on issues such as copyright infringement, peer-to-peer file sharing and contact with law enforcement agencies.

This could get even more interesting...