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NEC Computers upgrades its Backup Smart Way solution

Version 2.5 of the NEC Computers “all-in-one” data backup and restore solution, Backup Smart Way is now available. This version introduces major new functions:

1/ Integration of Disaster Recovery Plan functions

This enables the back up of the disk/partition system of a critical server or a Workstation.

In Unix AIX and Linux environments, System partitions backups are scheduled and performed while the system is running (Hot Backups). Restoration is performed by simply creating a bootable CD/DVD and it is then automatic.

In a Windows environment, system backups are performed on line, in block mode and in real time (or programmed). Restoration is done by simply booting with a Recovery CD, or remotely by PXE booting (Project Mode) or by connecting directly with the Backup Smart WayTM solution.

Business advantages:

- The full system restore is carried out quickly in the event of a crash or a disaster

- With Windows, the restoration point is 1 minute before the crash, which enables the rapid recovery of an entire system following a crash or disaster.

- There is no need for complex training as the Disaster Recovery Plan mode is user friendly and the Backup Smart WayTM solution is very easy to operate.

- The Disaster Recovery Plan solution is directly integrated into Backup Smart WayTM, so there is no need to add a third party solution to manage a disaster recovery plan.

2/ New CDP (Continuous Data Protection) modes

Disksafe Windows CDP licence: enables hot backups of a disk or data partition, in block mode and in real time (or programmed). Therefore a company can backup data partitions by using less bandwidth and restore a data partition (such as a critical file server) very quickly.

Disksafe CDP licences for Domino and Exchange provide hot backups, in block mode and in real time while providing integrity control for Lotus Notes and the Exchange of e-mails. It is therefore possible to restore typical or e-mail databases quickly (restoring a single e-mail rather than the whole mail box or the e-mail base in its entirety)

3/ Protection of mobile users:

FileSafe licences enable the company to backup their files or directories in “block” mode. Data is backed up in a local directory (off line) before being backed up by the Backup Smart WayTM solution.

Advantages for businesses:

- Backing up data is safe regardless of the connection (even if the bandwidth is small)

- The fact that the backup can be done locally ensures that the data is backed up properly, even when off line (disconnected mode).

- Mobile professionals can work without the fear of losing data.

The Backup Smart WayTM range: a sound investment for businesses

· Simplified administration: unlike the current complex administration solutions, Backup Smart WayTM solution does not require advanced technical expertise. It is intuitive web interface which means it can be administered remotely, centrally or locally, which represents a considerable advantage for companies with branches, agencies or remote production sites.

· A quick return on investment: The solution costs less to buy than standard backup solutions that require separate components (Hardware, OS, Software, Cartridge reader etc.) from separate vendors thanks to management of unlimited licence packs, reduced running costs (simple training, familiarisation, installation and operation), quick and easy management of backup tasks providing a quick return on investment. The whole Backup Smart WayTM range relies on simplicity of administration and use. The cases are connected to the company’s local network and give companies considerable ability to optimise performance, reliability and backup costs.

With the Backup Smart WayTM range, NEC Computers offers “tailor-made” solutions for small and medium-sized companies and for the remote sites of large organisations which do not have dedicated IT resources. Backup Smart Way™ offers 7 slots for backup volumes from 10 GB to 5 TB.

Each device comes with:

- The device (Integrated hardware & software)

- 1 year support : Hardware support with Day +1 on-site assistance and software support (upgrades, telephone support for 10 incidents, unlimited e-mail support)

- 1 licence for backing up 1 server or 1 Windows/Linux workstation

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