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New online business directory launched

Infoserve, a local search company, has launched a new online business directory that will make it significantly easier and faster for the 76% of the UK population searching for businesses on the Internet.

The new website (opens in new tab) , will be invaluable to those small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) wanting to cost-effectively promote themselves online. is a hybrid of a search engine and a traditional business directory, allowing users to search freely by keyword rather than fixed category, in any UK location.

The new website has taken Infoserve two years to develop and utilises ground-breaking software to offer a range of advanced features, which are unavailable, collectively, on any other online local business search site.’s features include:

• A simple to use search page with only two questions to answer; ‘What?’ and Where?’

• The latest keyword search technology to return very targeted and specific results for every search. For example, if a user searches for ‘Birthday Cards’, the website will search through more than 1.4 million keywords before returning very specific results of where to find birthday cards in the chosen location.

• Predictive search suggestions similar to a mobile phone’s predictive text facility, so a user may only need to type in a few letters to complete the search

• A Send and Save facility allowing the user to save the business details to their address book or desktop, to send it by email or text message, and send to the printer. The details can even be saved to My Infoserve, the user’s own personal directory on

•Interactive mapping so a potential customer can see exactly where the business is located on their results page

•An ‘Update your Details’ facility that allows a business to add new contact details and relevant keywords at any time online to increase the chances of a potential customer finding the business. For example, when a business introduces a new product or service, the new keyword can be added to on the launch day to ensure the business is found immediately by web users searching for that particular product or service.

Speaking about the launch of the new website, Infoserve’s CEO Steve Barnes said: “It is incredible to think that 76% of consumers now choose the Internet to locate goods and services, as opposed to only 18% who still use paper-based directories.

“It is essential, therefore that companies make the most of this by ensuring they can be found quickly and easily on the Internet. Additionally, our new site will allow businesses to update their keywords at any time, which means potential customers can easily find the most up-to-date services and products offered by any business.

“By designing to achieve all these functions, and be extremely user-friendly we are confident that we will be the local business search website of choice for those searching online to find local companies.”

On Infoserve’s new website, all businesses will have a natural listing, which includes the company name, address, and telephone number. For businesses keen to maximize their web presence and improve their Internet marketing, premium listings are available, which include priority placement in each category, full colour logos and pictures, and additional information pages, along with a link to the business’ website.

Multimedia company Infoserve, which has its headquarters in Leeds, specialises in helping small and medium sized businesses promote themselves to people searching online for local goods and services. It lists around 2.7 million businesses across its family of websites, which collectively receive more than 24 million visitors a month. Its network includes the websites of a number of major online media partners such as the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, as well as Football League Interactive (FLi) and Sky TV.

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