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Next-Gen SANs appear

LeftHand Networks introduced customer-driven storage feature-rich solutions offering a variety of platform, performance and capacity choices for customers of all sizes. The SAN provider has expanded its open iSCSI SAN portfolio by adding support for the HP ProLiant DL320s server.

With the combination of the ProLiant DL320s and LeftHand Networks’ SAN/iQ® storage platform, LeftHand Networks is shifting the economic structure of the SAN marketplace and delivering unprecedented customer value through breakthrough performance and industry-leading SAN capabilities at affordable prices across multiple storage tiers. In addition to ProLiant DL320s support, LeftHand is announcing reference SAN configurations ranging from enterprise-class 100 TB SAS SANs to entry-level 6 TB SATA SANs that will forever change the way that vendors deliver SANs to the market.

“As the information needs of small and medium enterprises grow, they need storage solutions that deliver enterprise-level functions such as thin provisioning and synchronous/asynchronous replication while leveraging industry standard systems to reduce the cost of acquisition.” said Natalya Yezhkova, research manager with IDC’s Storage Systems Program. “Solutions like LeftHand’s SAN/iQ that deliver enterprise storage management and data protection capabilities on an open and distributed architecture provide a wider range of companies with the opportunity to deploy high performing and scalable networked storage solutions.”

The introduction of SAN/iQ support for the Proliant DL320s builds upon the value that LeftHand has been delivering to customers to for the past year with greater than 1 Petabyte of storage deployed on the SAN/iQ and Proliant DL380 server. The addition of the HP Proliant DL320s to the open iSCSI SAN portfolio provides mid tier and enterprise companies with high performing storage solutions with high density drives, large capacity options without charging premium prices.

“Today, LeftHand Networks is changing the rules of the storage game. SAN customers are looking for products that provide enterprise-class features without breaking the bank and easily upgrading without having to bring a forklift,” said Bill Chambers, president and CEO, LeftHand Networks. “As the innovator of the open iSCSI SAN marketplace, LeftHand Networks is uniquely capable of delivering on customer expectations with the combination of the SAN/iQ storage platform and enterprise-class x86 servers such as the ProLiant DL320s.

“Since its launch in November, customers have been enthusiastic about the ProLiant DL320s which offers a high-capacity, low-cost, industry-standard server designed for scale-out and media-rich computing environments,” said Paul Miller, vice president, marketing, Industry Standard Servers and BladeSystem Division, HP. “Our ongoing collaboration with LeftHand combines world-leading ProLiant and open iSCSI SAN technology that delivers a high-performing storage solution to mid-tier and enterprise customers.”

Rule Changing Open iSCSI SANs Configurations

Leading the open iSCSI SAN market, LeftHand Networks is the only vendor to break free from the proprietary approach to storage and offer customers the choice and flexibility to purchase enterprise-class x86 servers powered by LeftHand’s SAN/iQ platform. To ease purchasing decisions, LeftHand is announcing reference SAN configurations based on SAN/iQ support for the HP DL320s:

· 100 TB SAN for customers looking to replace depreciated legacy fiber channel storage with a less expensive fully-featured, easier to manage, high-performance IP SAN

· 36 TB SAN for customers that require storage for high-growth, mission-critical business applications, database, and large Exchange environments with more than 10,000 users

· 18TB SAN for customers deploying VMware environments, consolidating Windows servers in the corporate data center, or implementing mission-critical database and business applications at regional data centers

· 6 TB SAN for customers looking to support “stranded” Windows servers, deploying their first SAN, or who have mid-sized Exchange and file/print environments.

Customers can now select from a variety of industry standard hardware platforms best suited to meet performance, capacity, reliability, and budget requirements while also protecting current network storage investments. In addition to the ProLiant DL320s, the breadth of SAN/iQ powered platforms includes the IBM System x3650, LeftHand NSM 160 and ProLiant DL380.

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