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US maintains top slot in Sophos' latest spam relay list

The latest quarterly analysis of spam relay countries from Sophos shows that (opens in new tab), once again, the US relayed considerably more spam than other nations, with just under 19.8 per cent of the world's spam originating from US-based systems.

What's interesting about the Q1 report (opens in new tab), though, is that Poland has rocketed into third slot from almost nowhere, whilst there are first-time appearances for Russia, India and Italy in the chart.

Equally surprising is the fact that the UK, which sat in tenth place during the same period last year, managed to escape being named and shamed, occupying 13th place and accounting for just 2.2 per cent of all spam relayed.

According to Sophos, the overall volume of spam rose by around 4.2 per cent during Q1 of 2007, compared to the same period in 2006.

The Q1 2007 top twelve spam relaying countries are:

1. United States 19.8 per cent

2. China (incl HK) 7.5 per cent

3. Poland 7.4 per cent

4. South Korea 7.0 per cent

5. Italy 5.0 per cent

6. France 4.1 per cent

7. Germany 3.7 per cent

8. Spain 3.5 per cent

9. Brazil 3.1 per cent

10. Russia 3.0 per cent

11. India 2.8 per cent

12. Taiwan 2.5 per cent