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GPL 3.0 - Why it matters for your business Part2

2. What are some of the implications of GPL 3.0 on the open source community?

We’re not convinced that there will be any huge implications. The community has been waiting for the second coming now for a very long time. It seems that the longer the final license takes, the more non-confrontational it becomes.

What we’re seeing in lieu of nail biting anticipation is an extremely heightened awareness regarding the challenges surrounding open source licensing - the mixed code application development model introduces new layers of complexity, legalities, and risk.

An overwhelming majority of organizations don’t know what makes up their code base and this makes them vulnerable to many things. They don’t know what they have, how they’re using it or even whether or not they are allowed to use it at all.

The biggest challenge in the foreseeable future is the likelihood of OSS projects forking – including both GPL 2 and 3 and many variations of each.

One interesting “social” implication is the widening of the gap between the divergent camps in the OSS community, those who have a decidedly commercial interest vs. those with a more socially conscious bent.

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