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Wave bye-bye to desktop anti-virus software

Very interesting piece over on Computerworld (opens in new tab) portal yesterday about how traditional desktop anti-virus software is facing an early death in the face of anti-malware and a new generation of whitelist applications.

The problem, says the piece, is that even signature-based anti-malware software can't keep up with the tidal wave of virus variations being developed by the criminal side of the Net.

The article quotes industry veteran Robin Bloor as saying that he has been waging a campaign that `anti-virus is dead' for more than a year and now feels his reasoning is stronger than ever.

The new solution to malware issues appears to be whitelisting (opens in new tab) - i.e. only allowing specific executables to operate on a PC - as well as behaviour analysis and allied blocking techniques.

Myself, I think that the real way forward is to use multiple methods of protecting against malware, as this is the best way of protecting against both known and unknown threats.

This `belt & braces' approach to IT security is one being espoused by Tier-3 (opens in new tab)and Zone Labs (opens in new tab), but not by many other security vendors.

It will be interesting to revisit this issue in around six months and see whether Bloor and his peers are correct in their analysis...