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Standard Logging Format - Common Event Expression (CEE)

As Anton mentioned, there is a new event logging standard in the works. What Anton did not mention is the four areas that you need to talk about when you talk about a logging standard. Well, here they are:

1. Common Event Syntax, like CEF

2. Common Event Taxonomy. This is where you attach “meaning” or “semantics” to an event. There are a few proprietary ones, nothing standardized though.

3. Common Event Transport

4. Common Event Representation, defining what a device should log. An operating system should log user logins for example.

And don’t mix these things. The transport has nothing to do with the syntax! I don’t want to implement a SOAP environment to transport some events. Unfortunately a few companies and even standards have made that mistake! I don’t want to mention anyone here… Stay tuned for to go live and learn more about all of this.

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