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GPL 3.0 - Why it matters for your business Part 3

3. Can you provide us with some examples of how GPL 3.0 might be a problem during implementation?

Dealing with complexity. In other words, as a user of open source, do I understand GPL3, and will it be suitable for my use? In some cases, I suspect that open source project teams may decide to stick with GPL2.

Or perhaps fork their application development so that there is a GPL2 version and a GPL3 version. GPL 2 is the most widely used open source license in existence, covering an estimated 72% of the over 143,500 projects under development on SourceForge. Can GPL 3 reach that pinnacle of adoption?

But you know, it also raises concern for enterprise users because they may be comfortable with v3.0 as long as they don’t modify the OSS project because they don’t want to trigger the patent clause. As such, they have to be vigilant in monitoring what happens to that project once it’s in their code base.

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