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GPL 3.0 - Why it matters for your business Part 4

4. Some (like US-based Tech website Eweek (opens in new tab)) have accused of being moral rather than practical. What is your say about it?

There is an agenda in the GPL3 terms, no question. But why shouldn’t there be? Look at all the good that has come from GPL 2. It has basically been the key driver in accelerating a whole movement that forever changed software development. It fueled innovation and speeded up the time-to-market on almost every major software project out there today. The fact is that our system of copyright gives the creators the right to determine how their work is used. So respecting the rights of the creators is still the underlying point. If they choose to use GPL3 to license their work, then users need to understand it and comply – and if they cannot, they need to find an alternative.

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