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Steganos launches Secure Lan product

Steganos has launched a premium version of Steganos Secure VPN. In addition to providing an encrypted link to the company network over the internet, the new version enables companies to connect remote users with each other in a secure, encrypted local area network.

The standard version of Steganos Secure VPN launched in July 2006, enabling home and mobile workers to securely connect to their employers' networks and eliminating the risk that hotspot providers, ISPs or hackers could eavesdrop on connections. The new premium version of the software also provides peer-to-peer access between client machines in the network, so that users can communicate with each other and access data on each other's machines directly. This enables home and travelling employees to work as effectively out of the office as they can in it, without needing to email files between machines.

Steganos Secure VPN PREMIUM (VPN stands for virtual private network) encrypts all internet traffic with a 128 bit SSL link. This ensures that communications cannot be intercepted, even when using insecure hotspots at cafes, airports or exhibition halls.

Each company that uses Steganos Secure VPN PREMIUM is allocated its own external IP address. The local IP range can be chosen from the address spaces reserved for private users. IP addresses can be changed on request for an additional fee of £37.95 (excluding. VAT).

The Steganos Secure VPN PREMIUM connection runs through a dedicated Steganos server, which forwards data requests to the web or to other clients in the network. Additional services can be provided on the server as required, including online storage space or an IRC server. The high speed connection ensures data transmission with minimal delay.

The service also encrypts the sending of email without limitation on the mail server used. Individual ports can be opened externally on request and routed to a particular computer.

Companies can easily install the client component of Steganos Secure VPN PREMIUM on their computers. There is a one-off server configuration fee of £112.95 (excluding VAT).

The traffic allocation of 100GB per month is shared between ten licensed employees. That means that if one user only needs 5GB, the remaining 5GB of their allocation in that month are available for other users who need more than 10GB. The licence period is one year and additional users can be licensed as required. The web interface enables the prepaid traffic allocation and the traffic used to be measured so that costs can be easily controlled, even where users require different volumes of traffic. The Steganos server keeps no copy of data passing through it and only measures the size of data packets for the purpose of billing.

Steganos Secure VPN PREMIUM is based on open source technologies. It is the fourth Steganos product to use open source technology following Steganos Secure VPN, the encrypted notes editor LockNote and the anonymisation service for home users Steganos Internet Anonym VPN.

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