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Fujifilm Announces Availability Of DLTtape S4 Media

FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc., a provider of midrange data storage media in the U.S.1, announced the availability of Fujifilm-branded DLTtape S4 media cartridges. The new media utilizes Fujifilm coating technology to provide 1,280 tracks of data across the half-inch (12.65 mm) wide tape.

Designed for use with Quantum DLTtape S4 tape drives, the higher capacity and increased performance of DLTtape S4 help meet the needs of rapidly growing data centers, increasing storage requirements and regulatory compliance directives.

“Competitive businesses today rely on real-time, digital information assets which require more stringent management in the face of regulatory mandates for securing and restoration of that data,” said Rich Gadomski, Vice President of Marketing, Recording Media Division, FUJIFILM U.S.A. “IT departments are looking for reliable, cost-effective and proven data tape storage solutions like DLTtape S4 to meet the challenges of managing their ever-increasing amount of digital data.”

By leveraging Quantum’s DLTSage WORM capabilities, this storage solution can help meet legal and regulatory compliance needs, while DLTSage™ Tape Security features prevent unauthorized access to data.

Fujifilm DLTtape S4 media uses proprietary Fujifilm ATOMM (Advanced Super Thin-layer & High Output Metal Media) thin-film magnetic coating technology to deliver native capacity of 800 GB and supports drive transfer speeds of up to 60 MB a second (1.6 TB capacity and 120 MB/sec at 2:1 compression).

The media incorporates a nonmagnetic lower layer with an ultra-thin upper layer of high-energy metal particles applied simultaneously to a base film. The result is extremely low self-demagnetization, increased high-frequency output and significantly higher recording density. In addition, the new tape cartridges incorporate several technology advances, including:

* Advanced Tape-Slitting Mechanics. Developed by Fujifilm engineers, this process increases the precision of the “slitting” blades necessary to create the half-inch tape reels from master rolls. This critical quality factor maintains consistent tape edge - resulting in uniformly packed tape in every cartridge, which ensures smooth tape feed through the drive;

* Enhanced high-polymer binder. Unique binders in combination with unique magnetic particles result in increased durability of tape; and

* Highly Engineered Cartridge. An enhanced mechanism in the cartridge helps prevent accidental pin deformation from shock or vibration and maintains consistent record/playback, even after rigorous use.

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