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GroundWork Introduces Oracle 10g Open Source Monitoring and Management Solution

GroundWork Open Source, the leader in open source systems and network management software, is launching Oracle 10g Extension for GroundWork Monitor Professional. The latest version provides comprehensive information on the availability and performance of 10g Oracle Enterprise Edition Database servers, and points to GroundWork’s continued momentum in business critical IT infrastructure and applications management.

GroundWork Monitor Professional offers unparalleled extensibility to measure a variety of different parameters to gauge the performance and availability of Oracle databases, including cache utilisation levels, number of user sessions, table capacity, and resource allocation. In addition, comprehensive graphs of active processes and sessions provide historical trend information allowing administrators to rapidly diagnose and solve problems.

“Frequently, the limiting factor in overall application performance is the database itself,” says Tony Barbagallo, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at GroundWork Open Source. “Ensuring the optimal performance of all types of databases, including Oracle, is an integral part of any business-critical IT management solution. The big difference is that GroundWork’s offering does the job for a fraction of the cost of closed-source enterprise solutions like HP OpenView.”

GroundWork tapped into the expertise of the system administrator community at large and specifically with DSP, a UK-based Oracle and GroundWork reseller, to identify and codify the most important best practices for monitoring and managing Oracle databases. And the extensible open architecture GroundWork Monitor Professional allows for the easy addition of other measurement parameters to suit the unique requirements of the widest range of applications.

“GroundWork Monitor Professional will dramatically help users of Oracle databases manage their enterprise applications far more effectively and efficiently than before,” said Simon Brooks, Operations Director at UK Oracle reseller specialist DSP. “We are delighted to have worked closely with GroundWork to help deliver this solution, and we see a huge demand for business-critical open source solutions for our Oracle users.”

Hundreds of customers use GroundWork Monitor Professional to monitor their systems and networks, taking advantage of the latest open source innovations in a framework architected specifically for mid-market and enterprise line-of-business organisations. Additionally, thousands of organisations have downloaded GroundWork Monitor Open Source since its public release in February 2006.

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