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Barclays PINsentry supplied by Gemalto

Further to Barclays' launch of its two-factor authentication card reader system for e-banking users, it seems the technology behind the launch is being supplied by Gemalto (opens in new tab), a digital security specialist (it says here -Ed)

According to Gemalto, it has designed and sourced (opens in new tab) the card readers, and will be fulfilling the supplies to customers, with a gameplan of supplying more than 500,000 units by the end of the year.

There's also an option for further cards to be supplied next year, depending on the take-up by Barclays' e-banking punters, although, since the system is mandatory - or will be soon - I guess the contract is a rolling one.

Interestingly, despite press reports about the reader being semi-proprietary, Gemalto says the device is EM compliant, and conforms to the the Mastercard and Visa Chip Authentication program (CAP), as well as being approved by APACS.

This suggests that other UK banks are set to follow in Barclays' footsteps. Before long the PINsentry system could be as ubiquitous as the Chip and SPIN, sorry, PIN system...