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Golden Rant : US shootings malware takes hackdom to a new low

I guess I've just about seen most of the bad taste material there is on the Internet, including the prOn, but I was really upset when I heard details of the latest malware attack, which apparently claims to show mobile phone footage of the Virginia Tech University shootings of earlier this week.

The shootings, in which more than 30 people died, are publicised in an email with a picture of Cho Seung-hui and claim to link to a Brazilian movie Web site carrying movie footage of the campus shootings.

This, in itself, is sickening enough, but the bad news is that the URL actually links to a screensaver file (TERROR_EM_VIRGINIA.SCR) that auto-installs a banking spyware Trojan horse.

SophosLabs spotted the malware loader email on Wednesday evening, since when most of the anti-malware software vendors have updated their applications to protect users.

Graham Cluley, Sophos' senior tech guru, agrees that it's pretty sick to use the tragic events in the US in this way, but, he noted that it's not the first time - and probably won't be the last - this has happened.

"The hackers have no qualms about making money out of other people's misery," he said. This type of malware takes hackdom to a new low.