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Consulting firm looks into public perception of UK.Gov

Quadriga Consulting, an ICT sector market analysis and consulting firm, announced the launch of a major new research project designed to paint a much clearer picture of the current status of transformational change in local government.

The role of technology as an enabler in delivering effective and efficient services, information sharing and the take up of public services is a common theme in the context of 'transformational government'. The research assignment will be designed to focus on how local authorities are going about implementing a transformational strategy.

The survey will focus on the following key topics:

* The emergence of national standards on service delivery and citizen satisfaction monitoring

* The need for the evolution of public services in a digital world where most commercial services are customer-centric: how citizen-centricity can be achieved

* Designing services to meet the rising expectations of local consumers of services

* How technology can become a more important tool to assist authorities to focus on their core competencies

* How technology saves money in processes and administration, and provides flexibility in delivering services and enhancing public perceptions

* How authorities are achieving joined-up service delivery and maintaining accurate records and audit trails

* How authorities are achieving information-sharing to deliver citizen centric services and facilitate better transactional processes

According to Jeffrey Peel, Quadriga Consulting's CEO, "There is a growing need for local authorities to develop better ICT resources that will enable partnership at all levels and departments, suppliers and with the voluntary sector. In addition there is the growing need for authorities to co-operate and develop shared services models. The survey will allow us to build a better picture of current state of play in local government. Every UK authority will be invited to participate and we are actively seeking the involvement of the ICT vendor community to help define the scope of the study. Findings will be shared with participants and the vendor community."

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