Windows 2000

Windows 2000 is the latest version of the Windows NT operating system. Windows 2000 has a new kernel and offers a lot of new features like the Active Directory feature that enables a company to set Virtual Private Networks, encrypt the data on a computer locally or on a network and also has a better feature of providing access to shared files on a network.

It is also more stable and fast performing operating system. Furthermore it is designed to be useful for all kinds of users and comes in four flavors.

The Windows 2000 professional, aimed at all kinds of individuals and businesses and is the most economical of all. The Server version is aimed at medium sized businesses and is mostly for web server or workstation catering to a number of users.

Windows Advanced Server, a more powerful version of the server, it acts as a network operating system and is more useful as high capacity server. It supports clustering and load balancing also.

The Windows 2000 Data center Server is a powerful data warehousing operating system designed for large databases and high computing applications.