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Apple TV - the applet hack to end all hacks

Following on from my mention earlier in the month about Mac enthusiasts all busily hacking away at the new low-cost Apple TV system and turning it into an Apple Mac, it seems that a range of applet hacks are now available for download.

According to the US newswires, several forums and user groups have popped up with the sole intention of sharing information on how to hack the Apple TV box.

One of the largest and most successful of these groups is AwkwardTV, which not only hacks the Apple TV to do things like run Linux, but provides a great source of information as well.

The latest hack to come forward is the AwkwardTV Loader, a plugin designed to make installing other plugins much easier.

In fact, once you've installed the Loader, it seems that an AwkwardTV menu item will be added to the Apple TV menu.

And from that menu, you can browse various Apple TV plugins, including Perian and the ATVFiles browser.

If you then want to download a plugin, all you have to do is hit the Install tab and it will be automatically downloaded and installed.

The slightly bad news is that the AwkwardTV Loader is still in closed beta test, although the inside talk is that wannabes can hang around Awkward TV's IRC channel - #awkwardtv on - and get invited...