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Data loss is a major worry amongst company seniors

Although the reptiles of the press (that's me folks) were barred from attending most of the meeting of the prestigious Jericho Forum at the Infosecurity Europe show this week, the results of the meeting were quite interesting.

Although held up as a shining paragon of importance, the Jericho Forum is really a thinly-disguised marketing platform for the IT security industry with major customers also being members.

Oooh... meow! -Ed

Having said that, the Forum - which is focused on what it calls de-perimeterisation - does come up with some interesting ideas.

Research conducted at this week's meeting concluded that 74 per cent of European senior managers see payment card information loss as having a serious effect on their brand image. (TK Maxx managers take

note - Ed).

"The fact that the majority see the effect of data loss on brand reputation as their biggest concern not only demonstrates the awareness built by incidents such as the TK Maxx data breach, but clearly also reflects on the changing roles of chief security officers (CSOs)s today," said Philippe Courtout, chairman of Qualys, the company that carried out the survey.

According to Courtout, security professionals are no longer just pure technologists, but are now taking on more responsibility on a corporate level and realise that security needs to be moved higher up the business agenda.

Some good comments there. I think it's also interesting to realise what a cauldron of poo that TJ Maxx have dropped themselves in over their card data breach incident and the way the company handled the affair.

I suspect that the incident will go down in the anals, sorry annals, of IT security history as a serious doozie...