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Spam origins revealed by Graham Cluley

I had a chance to sit down with Graham Cluley, Sophos' senior technology consultant (fx: doffs cap in the presence of IT security royalty -Ed) at the Infosecurity Europe show last week .

Cluley, who is a veteran of the business and dates back to the early 1990s and `Doc Solly' fame, told me that Sophos Q1 analysis of spam revealed that around 7.4 per cent of the world's spam is now coming from Poland.

Poland, it seems, has come from almost nowhere to reach third position, right up there alongside US and Chinese servers, when it comes to spam.

But Poland, says Cluley, is unusual, in that almost all of the country's spam is coming from a single ISP - Polish Telecom.

This is pretty astounding, as Polish Telecom is the former state incumbent ISP, and they really should know better.

"The fact that one average-sized Polish ISP is single-handedly responsible for relaying five per cent of the world's spam is astonishing - which is why we are currently in talks with them on how to reduce this glut of unwanted mail," said Cluley.

But surely, I asked, if we're dealing with a former state incumbent, they should be aware of the spam they are generating?

Graham turned diplomatic at this point, but I suspect Polish Telecom is well aware of the spam problem it's causing, since it is probably generating rather large swathes of moolah from its Internet operations.

How do I know this? My SO is originally from Poland and - trust me - I know quite a bit about Polish telcos and companies, and the way they operate.

Let's hope Graham and his crew at Sophos are successful in persuading Polish Telecom of the error of its spamming ways...