Remote Management Software solutions and Secure Console Servers

Remote Management Software Solutions

Remote management software solutions are a popular and cost-effective choice to manage servers remotely, but the limitations of these solutions must also be considered. These solutions are difficult to scale, only work when the server is functional, do not provide low-level access to server functions (BIOS, openboot), and typically support only a single operating system. In addition, they do not provide management of non-server assets in the data centre.

Secure Console Servers

A console server is a network-independent hardware device that provides low-level redundant management access to multiple servers simultaneously by connecting to the out-of-band serial ports. It provides continuous access to remote devices, even when the network is down. Secure local or remote access is achieved from any location to any device with a serial port either over the network or via a modem.

Console servers deliver the following key benefits:

· Provide immediate access to any device, including those without a network port

· Ability to ascertain problems before dispatching a technician

· Offer single-site management for multiple locations

· Ability to manage devices at unmanned locations

· Minimise downtime

· Ability to resolve problems remotely

· Typically support security features such as encryption, authentication, SSH, and intrusion detection

· Add security as they are less visible to external networks and hackers

· Prevent the need for VPN connections