KVM Switch Improves Blade Server Management in Data Centers

Raritan announced support for IBM BladeCenter® servers in its next release of Paragon II, the market-leading Cat5 KVM switch. This release provides many features that optimize collaborative troubleshooting that thereby increase data center efficiency and productivity.

With support for IBM BladeCenter, Paragon II 4.2 users can now manage the industry's most widely deployed blade server. Ideal for IT teams and other users that need secure access from a user station (monitor, keyboard, and mouse) to multiple blades and other data center equipment, Paragon II provides anytime, non-blocked access, high video resolution and a rich suite of management features.

Release 4.2 also delivers two new productivity features that leverage Paragon II's stellar video resolution (1920 x 1440) – which is rated the best* in the industry and essential in environments requiring hours of intense screen viewing.

With "Video Redirect", Paragon II can redirect a server's video output to any user station within a multi-switch Paragon II system. With "Multiple Video" – also known as "Port Following Switch" – up to four user stations can simultaneously view the video output of a server with multiple video ports. Customers also can use Multiple Video to direct the video of multiple servers to a set of user stations. Both new video features provide flexibility ideal for real-time execution of applications in work environments -- ranging from network operation centers to broadcast control rooms.

The new Paragon II KVM switch also supports Cortron® keyboards – which are the leading choice for many military, mobile and outdoor applications in relatively harsh environments. Additionally, Paragon II 4.2 now supports the Kensington® Expert Mouse and Turbo Mouse Trackball, which are popular with Macintosh® users.

"Paragon II Release 4.2 delivers important features requested by customers in the government, broadcast and IT management sectors," said Derek Finch, Product Manager at Raritan. "However, all technology users that need secure KVM access to IT resources will benefit by a boost in efficiency of overall operations, administration and maintenance. Our solution is designed to deliver the industry's best video quality, manageability, response and security – no matter if you're controlling a handful of servers or thousands."