Internet filtering for the Nintendo Wii

I must confess to being left stone cold by the latest generation of games consoles. Perhaps it has something to do with being brought up on the Sinclair Spectrum and BBC Micro computers in the 1980s.

But I do recognise a killer console when I see one, which is why I've been impressed with the bizarrely-named Nintendo Wii, whose WiFi capabilities are (I am reliably informed) second to none.

The problem with the Wii, though, is that you can use its Web browser in exactly the same way as your desktop PC. Which is bad news if it's your kid using the games console.

I'm pleased to report that Astaro - a company more commonly associated with Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances - has come up with an Internet filtering service for the Wii.

According to Astaro, the Wii's Internet Channel offers high-speed Internet access for users to search, surf and shop in the comfort of their own home, via their TV sets.

Thanks to a deal with Astaro, Nintendo is now including a bookmark in the Wii Browser which links to the Astaro Internet Parental Control service.

This service, which is free for the first month, filters out inappropriate content from younger users of the Wii.

If punters like the service, they can subscribe for 10 euros for two months or 50 euros for the full year. Which is not a bad price to stop kids looking at some of the really nasty stuff on the Net...