Gold'en Rant : Stop slagging off Apple's Safari for the PC

Interesting to see Apple's rather tasty Safari Web browser being released for the PC this week and even more interesting to see the application being - apparently - hit by a number of security flaws.

After doing some research on the matter, it seems that, whilst the code of the program itself is fairly stable, the inherent insecurities of the Windows XP TCP/IP stack and Internet access routines are not.

So is it fair to blame the builders of a house if the ground it is built on starts to collapse due to unforeseen problems? I really don't think so.

Reports suggest that security experts had discovered at least eight different security flaws with Safari for the PC by the end of Tuesday of this week.

And you mean to say that Firefox, Opera and good old Internet Explorer weren't similarly riddled when they were first launched?

The thing I like about Safari is it's neat user interface that presents a Mac-like environment even on the PC. That and the blue `loading' bar that overlays the active URL at the top of the screen.

I'm sure that Safari/XP's `flaws' will be solved in time. In the meantime, please stop slagging Apple off for making this brave decision...