Improve Your Understanding of Security – Network

One of the main attractions of this year’s FIRST event is the emphasis on networking with other security professionals. Certainly from my discussions with various delegates over the last few days – this is one of the main attractions of the conference as many find that they learn more from informal discussions with their peers and what people in other areas are doing.

DAY 0: IceBreaker

In order to help promote this several events have been set up. So far I’ve now attended the Welcome icebreaker event. All people attending FIRST for the first time have green badges and existing members are encouraged to go and chat with them. In the process of finding out what other people do in the security field, you cannot but help pick up a few nuggets.

DAY 0: Late Night Drink Sessions

Don’t get me on this one – I’m still recovering after my 3:30am session with one of the speakers, a CSO for one of the banks and the head of a CERT for one of the governments. Yes we talked about the normal stuff but also the reality of botnets and defences against botnets.

DAY1 Bear and Gear

Yesterday evening we had a very packed session at the vendor sponsored Beer and Gear evening where people could come and chat over a few drinks and nibbles about the day’s events. I’ve got to cut down on the drinking and socialising – lol…and this is only DAY 1

DAY1: Football

Whilst Bear and Gear was happening a football match was also taking place of four teams. There is nothing like a bit of teamwork sport to get people discussing and chatting with each other. You can see a picture of my team – I’m not sure but I think we won…but again during my limp back after sustaining a number of injuries, just discussing our thoughts the subject of security came up.

DAY1: Back at the Bar

For the sake of my health I go to bed early (12:30am) before I get involved in a drinking session with my team-mates.

In summary, if you want to be the best at what you do in your field of security, you need to get out there and mix and share.